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Audi 80 GTE 1976 Frenchies.

Verfasst: Mo 20. Jun 2011, 08:31
von chips

to start i want to excuse me but i'm french and i didn't speak german, so i ask you to be indulgent and to excuse me for speaking (bad) english.

i'am thomas 22 years i've got diffenrents cars ( golf mk1 gti 1978/ golf mk2 gti 1984/ bmw 2002 1972) and two audi one ( for parts ) 80 LS 1975 and a 80GTE 1976 76800 km .

i'm finishing my studies and i will take care of my GTE during this summer. The car don't roll because of my tank wich is very tired so i have to make it as new. I have few bodyworks but nothing really hard.
I don't have any time to post photos now but i will do that as soon as possible.

cheers for west of france.

Verfasst: Di 21. Jun 2011, 07:05
von Dan 80L
salut Thomas :D !
Welcome here [smilie=code_smll_classic_02.gif]

Verfasst: Di 21. Jun 2011, 15:29
von chips
salut Dan !

pictures in the week ! but Dan you already know her ;)