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Verfasst: So 11. Apr 2010, 15:04
von quattroallroad44
The seats are made by Recaro. I ask there but they don"t can help and they dont have still the original material. By the "Audi Tradition" in Ingolstadt they don"t can help too, they are maybe not interested to help because the told me, they dont know who made the seats. Very poor!!!!

Verfasst: So 11. Apr 2010, 15:26
von hynynenj
Hope you find that material and if you find it I hope you can tell me where.

You write, that your car is 1978, but -78 looks like that ... 01962/item

I think your car is modelyear 1979 like this. ... 38059/item

Verfasst: So 11. Apr 2010, 16:24
von quattroallroad44
You have right. My car is modelyear 1979, but from 08/1978. I dont see in the link what you send any different. Where is dif. from year 1978 to 1979? From which production is your car?

Verfasst: So 11. Apr 2010, 16:51
von hynynenj
I think only decal are different. Mine car is that older.

Verfasst: Di 13. Nov 2018, 19:44
von quattroallroad44
Do you have any actual pics from your car? Where do you bought the car? And have you still contact to someone from the USA?